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Neurostimulation Therapy in Marion, Ohio

Neurostimulation therapy is also known as spinal cord stimulation is a reversible, quick procedure which has the potential to ease back and spinal pain for patients who qualify. While the name neurostimulation therapy might lead you to believe it’s a complex, difficult process and procedure, like stem cell therapy, it’s actually quite straightforward.

Neurostimulation involves the deliverance of a low voltage electric shock to areas of the spine and surrounding nerves through a small device. The device is implanted through a quick outpatient procedure, and it is controlled by a small handheld device you can use yourself.

When used, the device actually blocks pain signals before they reach your brain! Instead, it replaces these pain signals with something called paresthesia. Paresthesia is a tingling or numbness which replaces the pain in problem areas.

The device is generally done on a trial basis where you will use neurostimulation therapy for a number of days to see if it successfully reduces your pain. From there, you can choose to leave the implant permanently or remove it in another simple procedure.

Why Use Neurostimulation Therapy?

Neurostimulation therapy is a proven way to treat a number of painful conditions and injuries. Not only does this treatment reduce the need for medication or more complicated surgeries, it can bring lasting pain relief. There is little risk associated with neurostimulation therapy since the device can be easily removed at any time through a small procedure. After the implant is installed, there is little downtown between the procedure and your full recovery, making it an easy solution with customizable results!

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