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RSVP NOW...to attend our next Stem Cell Therapy Seminar!

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Low-Cost Umbilical Stem Cell Treatment in Marion Ohio

Patients are often surprised to learn how easy the process is for stem cell therapy. First, most patients visit the Marion Integrated Health Center for an informational seminar. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the details of stem cells, where they come from, and what they treat. From there, if you think this might be the right treatment for you, you can schedule a consultation with a doctor.

At your consultation, your doctor will explore your medical history and your particular problem. You’ll discuss your treatment of this problem in the past and whether this treatment is right for you. If you’re a good fit, a nurse practitioner or medical doctor will proceed with the actual procedure.

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

It’s normal to be worried about undergoing a new procedure, especially one like stem cells which isn’t as widely known to the public. The actual stem cell therapy procedure is quick and painless! A medical professional will execute a three-minute injection to the affected area, and from there you will wait in the office for another 5 to 10 minutes. Side effects are rare, but this is a good time to ask any questions about the next few weeks.

Within a few minutes of the actual injections, you’re ready to drive home! You don’t need anyone to accompany you to and from your procedure, and you will have no downtime after the procedure.

Stem Cell Therapy Follow-Up

You might not notice a difference in the affected area for four to six weeks. That’s because unlike medication, you need time for the regenerative technology to rebuild the problem area. This process takes time, but it’s a permanent solution. Four weeks after your procedure, you’ll come into the Marion Integrated Health Center for a follow-up appointment to monitor any changes or progress. You’ll be feeling your best in no time!

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Stem Cell Therapy Isn’t The Future…IT’S TODAY!

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You might be surprised to learn just how many things can be treated with stem cell therapy. The best way to decide if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy is to schedule a consultation. During your free consultation, a health professional will review your medical history and whether you’ll respond well to this treatment.


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