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Regenerate damaged joints with stem cell technology.

Nobody should have to live their life with pain. If you’re suffering from chronic joint pain or difficulties, stem cell therapy might be the right treatment for you. At Marion Integrated Health Center, we offer the latest in stem cell technology to heal your body from the inside out.

We offer next generation healthcare right here in the heart of Marion, Ohio. Using stem cells, we can offer long-term pain relief without using harsh medications or invasive surgery.

Stems cell technology is revolutionary and treats a variety of painful conditions. Stem cell therapy is a quick and minimal treatment with no downtime. Achieve lasting results in just weeks without resorting to complicated procedures.

Marion, Ohio Stem Cell Treatment Services

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is when stem cells are used to either treat or prevent an injury or condition. Stem cells are unspecialized cells which can divide to repair and replace damaged tissue. They grow into only what is needed, meaning your body can regrow healthy tissue. Stem cell therapy is a quick procedure with practically zero recovery time! Click here to learn more about stem cell therapy at Marion Integrated Health Center.


Also known as spinal cord stimulation, neurostimulation is when low voltage electricity is given to the spine or spinal nerves. This is an implantable system which prevents pain through a soothing sensation. These devices are reversible and can be controlled by a handheld device.Click here to learn more about neurostimulation.

Are you tired of living your life with pain? Contact us today to see if we can help solve your pain from the inside out.

Stem Cell Therapy Isn’t The Future…IT’S TODAY!

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You might be surprised to learn just how many things can be treated with stem cell therapy. The best way to decide if you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy is to schedule a consultation. During your free consultation, a health professional will review your medical history and whether you’ll respond well to this treatment.


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